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Galactic Fighter

Hop into the pilot seat of an inter-galactic Starfighter and survive as long as you can against the incoming asteroid storm! Destroy or outmaneuver the obstacles in your path to achieve the high score! Double tap your fighter to perform a barrel roll and activate your shields when you’re in a bind. Obtain Power-Ups for a temporary boost and extra ships to survive even longer, but asteroids will appear more frequently and at greater speeds the longer you survive. Get ready, Fighter and good luck!

Galactic Fighter is available now on the Google Play Store! This app will be updated greatly in the future to include many new features. Future plans for this game include Player Customization, Story Mode, Enemy Fighters, Boss Battles, and even Multiplayer! For a deeper look at how this game was developed check out the Resources. Be sure to keep an eye out for new updates as they become available and I hope you enjoy playing Galactic Fighter!

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