Thank you for visiting FrodoUndead.com. I created and maintain this site in order to showcase the games that I have made in the past and to post future games that will be made. I have always had a passion for video games and game design and because of this, I attended college after high school. There I was able to learn many programming languages including Microsoft Visual Basic, HTML and CSS, Java, and my personal favorite C++. In my free time, while attending college, I also learned how to create 3D models with Blender and how to implement those models into games using the Unity 3D Game Engine. I graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Computer and Information Science in May of 2016 and plan to continue my education so that I may go on to create bigger and better games for people to enjoy.

For a complete list of the programs that I used to create this website please visit Resources or if you wish to contact me feel free to email me at FrodoUndead@gmail.com.

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