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Survive as long as you can against the invading alien horde! Power attacks consume power which is regained over time. If the crouch button is held while the player is in the air, a power crouch can be performed. Also, when an enemy is killed, there is a chance that a health pack will drop. It will heal up to 50 damage, but disappear after 10 seconds. Good luck, Spartan.



Halo: Combat Pixelated

*Please note that this game will only work if viewed on a PC.

This game was completed around the end of 2014, and although there are a few bugs, I don’t expect to update it anytime soon. I would like to remake it on a more powerful game engine at some point in the future, however for the time being it runs using the Scratch Game Engine. Known bugs for this game include the game slowing down and the inability to deliver damage if you are also receiving it.

Thanks for playing.

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