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Please note that Pokémon and the ROM that this hack is based from are the property of Game Freak, Nintendo, Creatures and The Pokémon Company. FrodoUndead is in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by any of these companies. This ROM hack was created as tribute solely out of love for the series.

Welcome to Reservoir City

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Get ready to explore the largest city you’ve ever seen in a Pokémon game! This Emerald Version ROM hack includes over 400 NPCs to interact with, over 100 buildings to explore, side quests, plenty of Easter eggs and much more. You’ll encounter Pokémon from the first 3 generations of games as you wander across the vast Reservoir City and strive to become the very best.

Because this game is a ROM hack of Pokémon: Emerald Version, it can be played on both computer and mobile devices. For those who have never heard of a ROM, here is a quick explanation:

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Downloading the ROM itself will not allow you to play the game. You must have the appropriate emulator installed first in order to read the game file. However, this means that as long as you have an emulator installed on your device, you can play!



The emulator that I would suggest for PC is Visual Boy Advance. This was the emulator that was used when this ROM hack was being tested. The download link can be found below.

*Note: There is usually a bug with VBA when emulating Pokémon: Emerald Version for the first time. You can open the game but a white screen will appear. This can be fixed by changing your save type to 128K. You can change this by selecting: Options -> Emulator -> Save Type -> Flash 128K. After this has been done you can re-open the game and play.

Visual Boy Advance Download


Android Devices

For any device that runs an Android operating system, MyBoy! Is a great emulator to use. It has a paid version that includes lots of extra features, but the free version has a lot to offer too. It allows for fast forward, save states, and even game shark codes. The link to download this emulator on your android device can be found below.

MyBoy! Free GBA Emulator Download

Gotta wedge em all!

Apple Devices

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, there are no GBA emulators available on the iPhone’s App Store. Due to their policies, any emulators that are posted are quickly taken down. However, there are a few ways you can get around this. Follow the link below to find out how you can install an emulator on your iPhone without jailbreaking it.

How to install a GBA emulator on iPhone

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Now that you have an emulator working on your device, you can finally play Pokémon: Nuance! Once you’ve downloaded the ROM below, start your emulator and open the file. Make sure to download the ROM to a folder you can find easily. After you’ve opened the ROM using your emulator, you can start playing.

Pokémon: Nuance Download!

*Please note that users with apple devices may have to right click or long press on the link in order to download.

For a summary of how this game was made, as well as a complete list of credits and programs that were used, visit the resources page. And of course, thanks for playing!

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