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Below is a full list of available and upcoming Unity Assets. These assets can be purchased from the Unity Asset Store, or you can click below to view additional information about each of them.

AI: Animal Instincts

This Unity Asset will enable you to easily integrate realistic animal/environment interactions to your game. Quickly generate custom animation controllers that are specific to your existing animated models and create a working prefab in minutes. Automatically create animal food source prefabs for your game scene that will change states and respawn based on user input. Use the attack and health system to allow for animals to interact with each other in real-time. AI: Animal Instincts will bring a life-like aspect to your game world and allow your players to immerse themselves in a living breathing environment.

Along Came Wedgie

Complete Top-Down Controller

Want to create a Top-Down game for Mobile or PC and don't know where to begin? This asset will give you a HUGE head start and allow you to have a game up and running in minutes!

Get started quickly and easily with all the core mechanics that you’ll need to navigate and interact with your top-down game world. After a short initial set up, you’ll be able to add an animated Player Character, Touch Screen Mobile Controls, Teleport Tiles, Interactable Objects, Pushable Blocks, Music, and more to your game! Use the included prefab as a template or use your own existing tilemap to start adding items and creating an interactive world for your players!

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Day/Night Cycle

A complete Day & Night System that has everything you need to create a realistic game environment. This system is completely customizable, keeps accurate in-game time, and includes working analog and digital clocks. You can also move the Sun in increments rather than continuously for more stable shadows.

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Complete FPS Controller

Looking for a character controller that moves smoothly on all types of terrain? Then look no further! Drop this controller into your game scene and you're good to go. Make adjustments and fine tune any feature to create your perfect First-Person controller. Every variable in the editor has a tooltip so that you can easily adjust anything to meet your project's needs. Every line of code is explained through comments so that you can confidently make changes for your specific project.

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